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Cre4tive Data at the European Blockchain Convention

In our premier, we attended the European Blockchain Convention. I must confess that, although our mentor and friend Stefan Junestrand already had recommended to assist, the impression was very positive.

On the one hand, the youth of the organizers, Victoria Gago and Daniel Salmerón and their permanent optimism and good humor helped to cope with the numerous discussion tables, but also and mainly the level of the speakers.

It was a pleasure to hear warnings about the need to properly highlighting value of non-technological parts of any blockchain company, as well as the first step before embarking on a project of this kind must be asking yourself if blockchain technology is really necessary; why and what for?

Issues not yet resolved such as legal frameworks (the horror vacui is palmar in our politics when they realize that society can function and pull up without laws) or digital identity, were part of discussion.

Later we’ll leave the transcripts of our tweets, just highlighting the terms «transparency», «security», «trust» and «traceability» , which are what lead us to use this technology.

We hope next time, rain will have more respect for the convention 😉


You may read the summary of event messages at Twitter here .

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