Mission, vision & values

Cre4tive Data’s mission is to endorse individual rights and liabilities in collective projects, and we do this by harnessing the power of blockchain and developing applications that are accessible, secure, and reliable.


  • CD aims to develop a service with a vocation to be universally accessible, safe and inviolable.
  • CD is committed with the knowledge society and offers itself as a positive action tool for creators, professionals, companies and institutions, facilitating relationships and collaborations between them.
  • We understand that it must be an economically sustainable project, developed within the framework of stable relationships, seeking long-term partnership investments, in an environment that guarantee agile management as well as fair benefits for all parties.
  • A business model based on the usefulness of the service and the creation of the widest possible network of clients rather than exclusivity.
  • A company aligned in promoting the cleanest and most sustainable production models possible.


  • CD is a company that explores the benefits offered by new technologies to optimize its services.
  • Transparency and integrity in your company policies.
  • Collaboration with the maximum number of possible institutions.
  • Promotion and support of creativity in all its forms.
  • Optimization of investors’ profits through responsible and respectful work with all parties involved.
  • Promotion of equality and non-discrimination in employment practices.
  • Respect for the rights, values and beliefs of others.

Registered in Madrid in late 2019, Cre4tive Data is a startup which develops blockchain and information technology products, along with data and consulting services. The founding partners come from design, creative, open data, engineering, and architecture professions. Our slogan is “Managing uncertainty with certainty”.